Express Praise

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About Us

Express Praise, is a family band from North Carolina. A husband and wife, with their family, endeavoring to do the will of the Father, reaching out to those in need through ministry in Word, Testimony, and Song.

Mark Douglas, Husband, father, singer, musician, preacher, and emcee. 

Mark has a tremendous testimony of God’s delivering power from panic, anxiety and fear. 

Penney Douglas, Wife, mother, singer, song writer and co-writer and musician. 

Clayton Douglas, a very complimentary drummer. He has written and co-written several songs.

Amber Douglas, married to Clayton, talented singer, and a great songwriter.

Parker Douglas, guitarist and gifted song writer. 

Jessica Douglas, married to Parker, and a talented singer

Mariah Douglas, singer and product manager.

Lauren Douglas, singer, guitarist and assistant product manager. .