Express Praise

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Pray with Us

Hello Friends,

As everyone knows, times are tough, everywhere. Churches are hit hard, people are hit hard, ministries are hit hard but we have to keep going. God has not uncalled us, and we can't just sit down and quit because of tough times. That is actually when God likes to work his best, and we really have to remind ourselves of that, in these times.

Express Praise
, is in need of several things and it is going to take extraordinary faith on our part. God doesn’t need us to have extraordinary faith, but we need it sometimes. So we are having extraordinary faith for some needs that we have.

Express Praise, is in need of upgrading our sound system. We have used much of the same equipment for several years and need a few upgrades.  We need new items such as mics and monitors .

We are believing that in God’s time and season, He will meet all of our needs according to His riches in Glory.

We went into the studio in November 2014, and began two new projects. We were able to record the music tracks and vocals.  However, the mixing and mastering have taken longer and been more expensive than we thought. In order to put these two projects in your hands, we need approximately $3,000.00.


We also need to get back in the studio to record a project that features our original songs. God has provided us with some AMAZING songs from the pens of Parker, Penney, Clayton, Amber and Lauren. We're excited to present them to you.

We know that God has called us to this ministry. We travel into a different city, state, different venue, every week and we are seeing the same thing everywhere we go.  People are hurting and need to be encouraged. They need to rebuild their faith. They need to get back the Joy of the Lord. Back to their “first love”.

 We believe that we are called for such a time as this.  To tell people that Jesus Christ is the only answer .